The Shelter House book sale will be March 26-27.  The sale will be at the Johnson County Fairgrounds, and virtually all of the preparation for the sale will be in March. Because of the limited preparation time, we anticipate that we will need substantially more volunteers that in the past.


What you can do before March:

1)  Continue identifying books to donate, store them in your home and be prepared to move them to the sale site late February.  If you have books and no storage space in your home, contact the church office and  we can assist with interim storage.  When space at the fairgrounds is available, we hope you can quickly transport your books to the site or to the church.  We have people who can assist with "heavy lifting".


2)  Plan to  donate time in March.  We will need people to move boxes, sort books into subject categories, box books, etc. A sign up sheet will be posted in Rockwood Hall.


3)  We will need lots of dollies to transport book boxes.  Contact the church office if you have a dolly that you would be able to loan this enterprise for the month of March.


Last year the Shelter House Book Sale earned $17,000 for the Shelter House.  We are hoping to substantially increase this amount in 2017.  The sale is a full community effort, with very strong support from the area churches.  Last year our church was exceptional in it's generosity of volunteer hours and book donations.  Let's beat our 2016 record.